• Meridian 541 Sedan yacht

    1 700 000 $

    Meridian 541 Sedan yacht

    Designed for serious cruising, this expensive yacht is a ground breaking innovation of the brand. The 541 Sedan comes with the most advanced systems of propulsion currently available. Though gigantic at almost 54 feet, the yacht is extremely easy to control. Not only does the Zeus propulsion system make possible joystick docking possible, but also easily accommodates faster speeds.

  • Royal Huisman’s Athena Sailing Yacht

    30 000 000 $

    Royal Huisman’s Athena Sailing Yacht

    Athena is a fitting name for the world’s largest and most luxurious private yacht. Although some consider the Athena to be the Goddess of the sea, she is much more than that, and rightly so. […]

  • CRN Azteca Superyacht – Lord of the Sea

    82 680 000 $ (€ 60 000 000)

    CRN Azteca Superyacht – Lord of the Sea

    It seems almost inadequate to call CRN’s Azteca simply the best offering in the super yacht line from the Ferretti Group. At 236.22 feet (72 meters), it was the longest ship produced in 2009 from […]


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