Having an iPhone is nice… but having an $8 million iPhone 4 is even better, especially if you have the ability to afford it. That’s the philosophy of Stuart Hugues, a UK based designer that is known for taking the best and extravagant and turning it into the best and most opulent. Now considered to be the world’s most expensive phone, the $8 million iPhone 4, called the “Diamond Rose” edition, may just be the epitome of what a luxury item is these days.

The $8 Million iPhone 4 Has Over 500 Diamonds

The $8 million iPhone 4 has more sparkle to it then even most other luxury items. Hugues has outfitted the case of the iPhone with over 500 diamonds that weigh in at a combined 100 carats. What makes it the “Diamond Rose” edition of the iPhone 4 is because the Apple logo itself is a rose gold logo that includes another 53 individual diamonds. And if all of that sparkle wasn’t enough for you, the center navigation button has been replaced with a 7.4 carat pink diamond.

So many people may find that the 32GB iPhone 4 is out of reach for them financially already, but this gift is not geared toward the average person. The $8 million iPhone 4 is geared toward the person who already has just about everything in life and has a need to display their opulence. The “Diamond Rose” edition has only seen two iPhones made with this level of extravagance so far, so be sure to get into the pool fast if you’re interested in Hugues’ new iPhone design.

If this isn’t for you, you could always take a look at the diamond studded iPhone design that Hugues previously made – after all, it retails for a measly $35,000 in comparison.

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