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  • Lady Tennant Stradivarius violin

    2 032 000 $

    Lady Tennant Stradivarius violin

    The Lady Tennant Stradivarius violin is an antique masterpiece. Made in 1699 in Italy by Antonio Stradivari, this violin has had a history of being played by famous violinists. Stradivarius violins in general, made by [...]

  • Breitling Bentley Flying B watch

    12 000 $

    Breitling Bentley Flying B watch

    If you are looking for a unique gift for the special man in your life and you have plenty of cash to spend, you should take a look at the stunning Breitling Bentley Flying B [...]

  • Diamond-encrusted Plantronics headset

    50 000 $

    Diamond-encrusted Plantronics headset

    For the ultimate in luxury, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. And where else could diamonds be more appropriate than on cell phone accessories? The very latest in Bluetooth headsets that is now available [...]

  • Alexander McQueen Iris Plexiglas box clutch

    2 295 $

    Alexander McQueen Iris Plexiglas box clutch

    When it comes to exhibiting luxurious style statement and ultimate in fashion, look no further than Alexander Mcqueen. Alexander Mcqueen is a luxury fashion house known for presenting exquisite glamorous collections. Alexander McQueen Iris Plexiglas [...]

  • Meridian 541 Sedan yacht

    1 700 000 $

    Meridian 541 Sedan yacht

    Designed for serious cruising, this expensive yacht is a ground breaking innovation of the brand. The 541 Sedan comes with the most advanced systems of propulsion currently available. Though gigantic at almost 54 feet, the yacht is extremely easy to control. Not only does the Zeus propulsion system make possible joystick docking possible, but also easily accommodates faster speeds.


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